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The package is aimed to generate create an interactive forest plot used in clinical trial analysis & reporting(A&R) for treatment analysis. An end-to-end process are provided using metalite data structure.


The general workflow covers:

  • Step 1: construct input metadata for treatment analysis from the ADaM datasets.
  • Step 2: prepare datasets for interactive forest plot by prepare_ae_forestly().
  • Step 3: format output layout through format_ae_forestly().
  • Step 4: generate the interactive forest plot using ae_forestly().

Tutorials with examples are listed on the package website.

Highlighted features

Several interactive features are enabled in the final output:

  • Categories can be selected to filter. e.g., in adverse event(AE) analysis, (i) any AE (ii) drug-related AEs (iii) serious AEs

  • Filter based on incidence

  • Labels can be revealed by hovering the mouse over a point and error bar

  • Sorting is enabled by clicking column header

  • Search bar for users to quickly perform global “keyword” search

  • Source data can be downloaded as CSV file for additional analysis as needed

  • Subject level information can be drilled down by clicking ▶

  • Pagination applied to navigate to different pages quickly